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Watching them in the wild

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by Steve Brookes

Back in the year 2000, I was given the opportunity to go on a parrot watching trip with Peter Them from Denmark. This multi-national group of nine travelled to the Pantanal and Amazon in Brazil, in fact the first parrot I saw in the wild was a Hyacinth Macaw. This trip changed my attitude towards parrots in general and, once back in the UK, I began my plans to work towards watching more parrots in the wild in the future.

Up until this time I had kept many parrot species including Scarlet, Military and Red-bellied Macaws, African Greys and most of the Poicephalus group of parrots, various Conures, Australian Parrots and Cockatiels, but the one species I really loved keeping was the Red-capped or Pileated Parrot, (Pionopsitta pileata), and bred them to three generations. I seemed to struggle to sell my offspring and felt a bit disillusioned about where my youngsters were going, no matter how much I checked out the purchasers. So this is when, after having my eyes opened to a whole new world by the 2000 Brazil trip, I decided that travel, particularly to watch parrots, was the future for me.

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