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Saving the Lives of Companion Parrots

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by Megan Matthews

Far too many parrots die at a young age because of accidents that might have been avoided if people were more aware or thought ahead about what they were going to do. My purpose is to warn people of ways that parrots have died so that they can protect their beloved birds from similar situations. Once you read this, you have been forewarned. Most people whose parrots have died of accidents feel incredibly guilty that they didn't realise that they put their parrots in dangerous situations.

Many years ago I lost a young parrot because he found an artist's pencil that was made with a toxic coloration and chewed on it, ingesting the toxin. Even though I got him to a veterinarian immediately, that vet had no idea what to do to save him. When I think of this, after all of these years, I still feel sad, guilty and, yes, stupid. Actually I probably don't know about all of the accidents that have killed companion parrots, so I recommend that people try to think how safe their parrots will be in any given situation. If they can imagine any way that a parrot can be injured, they need to change or abandon their plans. We all need to realise that our curious parrots can be accidents waiting to happen and it is our job to keep them safe.

I am not going to discuss diseases, as my concern is to save parrots from accidental death, so will divide this information into categories.

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