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Lesser Known Pet Parrot Species that Charm and Captivate, Part 2

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Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
This article is a continuation from Part 1 published in Parrots magazine November 2017 (238) in which were discussed various species of psittacines available in the commercial pet trade that are somewhat less well-known than the more high-profile ones. Nevertheless, after working with some 75 species of hookbills over the years, I have found the personality traits of these ‘sleeper’ birds to be thoroughly captivating.

For the experienced pet parrot owner or the first-time purchaser, it would be well worth the extra effort spent to seek out one of these lesser known species. In addition, pet industry support, when given to many of the lesser known species of domestic bred parrot, makes a significant contribution towards keeping these birds alive and continually raised in captivity, something that may well prove necessary for the ultimate survival of such pet species in the future.

This relatively hard-to-find member of the Poicephalus genus is not so much underrated as it is unknown by the majority of the pet parrot public. To be sure, Jardine’s owners rate their birds extremely highly, and I never met a keeper who was not satisfied with the quiet, comical qualities of their pet!

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