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People, parrots and their vet

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by Sally Blanchard

Over the years I have talked with hundreds of people about their vets. Some were very pleased with the care their bird received and some were definitely not. I have heard stories of horrific situations that have happened in a vet's care. I personally know that some of them have been true, but some people tend to overreact if they think their parrot is being mistreated.

As I wrote in the first article on this topic, the vast majority of parrots don't appreciate being captured, held and prodded. Some will even scream as if they are being tortured and they probably feel as if they are. However, your vet and his staff should always handle your parrot with respect for its needs. Your parrot should be approached and handled in a calm, competent and gentle manner. The client has a right to know what is happening and the vet should explain what he is doing and why. You should also be told if there is anything that could happen once you get your parrot home after an examination or procedure.

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