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10 ways to improve the life of your pet parrot

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by Jennifer Ryan

1 Environment

The surroundings in which your bird lives is vitally important to its happiness and contentment. Bearing in mind we are keeping our birds in a captive, or some may say restrictive environment, we must ensure it is as suitable as we can possibly make it.

Parrots are incredibly intelligent and like to interact with humans, so do not want to be kept in any type of isolated situation. Most owners will keep their birds close to them in a part of a household where there can be a variety of activities.

Most parrots would be in close proximity of others of their kind in the wild and therefore we need to try to emulate a similar environment. With lots going on, most parrots would like to be part of the action. Cages should be in a position that will avoid extreme temperatures, be out of direct sunlight and draughts. Play stands and other items to climb on will add enrichment to a parrot's life..

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