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Encourage Foraging Activity

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Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens

Up-to-date parrot keepers hear a lot about ‘foraging’ and ‘foraging skills’ these days. That is not really surprising as for decades much emphasis in bird keeping has been placed upon improving, that is, enriching the environments of our pet and breeder psittacines, along with offering them a full range of mental stimuli to keep them busy.

April and I certainly do our owners’ part to help our parrots expand foraging possibilities in our aviaries. We bring in green browse and chewing materials, offer ripe garden and vacant lot seed heads, provide toys and objects that test dexterity and manipulative talents, especially in young or formerly neglected birds we have adopted.

Yet, there is one area in which I like to stress foraging that is not often highlighted by behaviour experts in written articles or online talk groups. That is the fact that foraging can become a well-defined part of a hookbill’s life every single day at his or her own feeding dish!

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