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Some Important Environmental Considerations

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by Vivian Miller

Providing and understanding the basic care needs of your parrot can help him stay healthy and happy. A yearly exam by an avian vet can help you keep track of your parrot’s health. If your bird exhibits any change in behaviour or shows any signs of being sick, examination by an avian vet, with necessary diagnostic tests, is essential to determine if there is a physical problem. If the parrot has started feather picking, specific tests will help to determine if there is an underlying health problem. Make sure your vet has experience and is competent with parrots. If you have a quality bird shop or breeder nearby, or know of a local caged bird association, ask them for a reference for a vet who has extensive knowledge about parrots.

Feather condition can give an indication of your parrot’s well-being and people need to help their birds keep their feathers in good condition. Humidity in very important for healthy feathers. Use only lukewarm clean water unless your vet recommends something else. Over-the-counter picking sprays are generally a waste of money and may actually exacerbate problems.

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