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Working with Hard-core Aggression in Parrots. Part 2

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By Sally Blanchard

In this second part of Sally’s article, she delves further into the issues we can face with aggressive birds.

The first and most important aspect is to carefully observe and make notes of the aggressive parrot’s behaviour during the day. This way caregivers can begin to determine specific moods that are exhibited during the day. Most parrots are fairly consistent. Parrots are creatures of patterning and often repeat the same behaviours in response to the same triggers. Once people figure these patterns out, they can prevent a lot of aggression. For example, some parrots aren’t relaxed in the morning and trying to handle them at that time is usually a mistake.

It might be best to give these parrots physical attention in the late afternoon or early evening. Some parrots need a relaxed situation where there is not a lot going on, so they are best handled when the household is calm and quiet. In a consultation with a woman, we discovered that when she was handling her parrot, and the dog walked in the room, the bird bit her. I wasn’t sure whether the parrot was jealous of the dog or the woman. There are parrots that become reactive to certain colours and this should be easy to determine if people pay attention to what they are wearing when they get bitten.

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