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Aviary Design

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by John Catchpole

On the face of it, building an aviary may seem a simple idea, but there are many facets that need to be seriously considered before you start. Different features will need to be considered if you want to build an aviary for breeding purposes or merely for somewhere for your indoor birds to be outside and enjoy the elements. What must be borne in mind is that by keeping birds in a captive environment, you are removing some natural behaviour. However I have heard a number of arguments revolving around why birds need to fly. The main reasons being to escape from danger and to find food sources. Those who support aviaries may claim that if dangers are removed and adequate food is supplied then the occupants of aviaries can be fit and healthy, provided the environment is suitable.

When considering an aviary you can purchase ready-made panels that can be constructed into your own design or you can buy a complete aviary consisting of the panels required to a set design by a supplier. From my experience, hobbyists who decide on the smaller species, Parakeets, etc., tend to purchase ready-made wooden aviaries from a manufacturer’s range, where the only work you have to do is to put them together or use the services of a local handyman if required.

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