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Patagonian Conures (Cyanoliseus patagonus)

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Personality Profile by Sally Blanchard

The Patagonian Conure is also called the Burrowing Parrot because they nest in burrows along river banks and cliffs. There are four sub-species of Patagonian Conures ranging in size from about 17 to 19 inches, making them the largest Conure. Their range includes Argentina and Chile where they are almost extirpated from some areas of their range. This means that they no longer occur in areas where they were once common.

Sadly, for many years young parrots were collected by Chilean natives to be eaten as delicacies during the feast of Saint Andrew, however, in 1967 Chile gave them legal protection. The Patagonian Conure is very social and can occur in large flocks although the flocks aren’t as large as they once were. In 1963, Argentina declared them an agricultural pest, which contributed to its persecution and decline.

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