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Inbreeding and Families: How to Save Australia’s Orange-bellied Parrots. By Devorah Bennu, PhD aka “GrrlScientist”
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Flower power is priceless! By Rosemary Low
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Milk thistle seeds – benefits and concerns: The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran
In issue 293 -
The Lethal Dangers of Avian Shock: Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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Success and Heartbreak with the Wild Macaws of Costa Rica

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by Brian Kluepfel

This was the experience of The Ara Project staff in Manzanillo, Costa Rica this spring when Pewe, a Great Green Macaw, stuck around long enough to prepare for his maiden flight. Named for an avian diety in the local BriBri indigenous folklore, Pewe was soon taking to the skies alongside his parents. As thrilling as Pewe’s daily forays were, the flip side of the coin was only too evident. A Scarlet Macaw chick named Rose, hatched in a dead palm trunk near Punta Islita, was snatched from her nest by poachers in the dark of night. Her parents, too, were Ara Project-raised adults released to their once-natural habitat.

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