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How cooking affects essential nutrients. Part 1

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The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran

When I asked parrot lovers why they think feeding cooked foods is a healthy choice for their birds I was told, “It’s easy and it’s what I’m used to doing.” Another explained, “With raw vegetables, there’s so much chewing, it’s just easier to feed my birds the cooked foods that I like.” And, then a third confirmed the influence of social media, “It’s what everyone else is feeding. There are so many cooked food recipes for parrots online, and the pictures are so great, it makes me want to try them all.” If you notice, the replies have one aspect in common, no one answered the question. It seems that these well-meaning parrot lovers don’t consider health and nutrition when feeding their parrots cooked foods. If you want the foods you feed to support your bird’s good health, feel confident as you look away from the socially popular all-cooked food fad and take a look at the facts about how cooking affects essential nutrients.

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