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Military Macaw - Ara militaris

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Personality Profile by Sally Blanchard

The Military Macaw lives in disjointed ranges in Mexico and South America including Colombia, northwestern Venezuela, eastern Ecuador, and Bolivia. They often live at higher altitudes than most of the other Macaws. There are two sub-species, in addition to the nominate species Ara militaris militaris, and they are Ara m. Mexicana, and Ara m. Boliviana. At 37 to 28 inches, the Military is a medium-sized bird among the larger Macaws. It is presumed that there are only 10,000 to 20,000 Military Macaws left in the wild. This may seem like a good number of birds, but with habitat destruction and continued capture for the pet trade, they are listed as Vulnerable CITES I. The Military is easily confused with the Buffon’s or Great Green Macaw in the few areas where their ranges overlap. However if there is a possibility of comparison, the Buffon’s is larger and lighter in coloration.

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