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Choosing the right cage, Part 2

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by John Catchpole
In the last issue, we spoke about choosing the right cage, what is the best one for the type of bird you have, and whereabouts you would keep it in your home. In this issue, we are going to look into a bit more detail of the features and benefits of various cages. There is a vast range of cages on the market from the very small to the very large, made from all types of materials and including many different features.

When you look at cages they are obviously all very similar in terms of the metal components, but what is important is the features are safe, practical to use and easy to clean. The majority of cages found in the marketplace today will be made of steel, which includes the main frame work and the bars. Although easier to construct by welding, bare steel will quickly combine with oxygen in the air and start to corrode, which we know as rust (ferric oxide). Stainless steel and plastics, or course, won't suffer from corrosion. Aluminium can be anodised which gives it protection, often in different colours. However, there are some excellent cages on the market made with aluminium square box section (tube) that will last for many years, untreated.

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