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Choosing the right cage, Part 1

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by John Catchpole
Choosing the right cage for your bird is of paramount importance so that it suits the bird you have, some like a small cage that is secure and private, some prefer a large cage, and this is not necessarily an initial, obvious observation. For example, you might have a small bird – a Budgerigar, Parrotlet, Lovebird – which you think may not need a massive cage because of their size, but in fact, some small birds like a very large cage that gives them the freedom to fly, particularly those birds that exist in the wild in large gregarious flocks, as they like lots of attention and things going on.

On the other hand, you might buy a very big cage, “the largest that will fit in our house”, but which might not be ideal for, say, some African Greys that might prefer a smaller secluded environment. There are other factors that will be instrumental in making the decision about where the cage will be located and whether or not the birds will be allowed the freedom of the room or large area. It all depends on how much emphasis the owner places on enrichment and what lifestyle their birds will have.

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