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How One Might Go About Choosing a Parrot

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Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
There are nearly as many reasons for choosing a particular parrot to become part of a home as there are bird owners themselves! Coloration, cuddliness, talking ability and all-round personality top the list of bird characteristics, while the wish for companionship, compassion-rescue/mercy, interior décor and ego desire for rare exotics are other common human-involved reasons for a psittacine purchase.

It is most important to separate all these types of the reasoning process when the urge to buy a bird takes you.

Not that one set of motives is entirely better than the other, but we are talking about a living creature here. Therefore, the choosing of any parrot, pet or breeder, should be done carefully so that the avian-being fits into your home in a comfortable and permanent manner.

Several firm rules which may be well applied when choosing a parrot.

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