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Dusky Lory (Pseudeos Fuscata)

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Personality Profile by Sally Blanchard
This uniquely coloured Lory is from New Guinea throughout Salawati and Japen Island in Geelvink Bay, and it is found most commonly in wooded areas in its range. Although they are considered to be stable in their range, as with many other parrot-family birds, habitat destruction and capture for the pet trade is having a negative effect on its population. It is common to see flocks of at least 100 birds and they can be found feeding with other species of Lories.

The Dusky is about 10in long, with weight from about 150 to 190 grams. With its rich brown and orange colouring, I think it is one of the most beautiful and popular companion Lories. The orange colour phase is more known in aviculture than the yellow colour phase. The Dusky Lory is one of the more common Lories in aviculture and has an excellent reputation as an affectionate and playful companion..

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