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Cockatiels — Curious Little Busy-bodies

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Personality Profile
By Sally Blanchard

The smallest of the cockatoos (Nymphicus hollandicus), cockatiels are a slender bird about 12” to 13” in length. They are from most of Australia and live in arid or semi-arid areas near water. Cockatiels may be closely related to the Calyptorhyncus (or black) cockatoos and have been hybridised with Rose-breasted Cockatoos. Cockatiels are sexually dimorphic with the males being more colourful than the hens. Their populations in the wild are stable. Cockatiels occur in small flocks and family groups although large flocks with hundreds of birds can be seen near bodies of water. Many farmers in Australia consider cockatiels to be agricultural pests, especially when they feed on crops in large flocks.

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