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Yellow-collared Macaw (Primolius auricollis)

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Personality Profile by Sally Blanchard

The Yellow-collared Macaw is also called the Golden-collared Macaw. Its range includes the Pantanal of Brazil, northern Argentina, northern Paraguay, and northern and eastern Bolivia. There is also a separate population in western and central Brazil.

It is still fairly common in all of its range so the populations of the Yellow-collared Macaw are considered to be stable. The Yellow-collared is one of the smaller macaws that are often referred to as a mini macaw and are about 15in in length. This macaw is often mentioned as being closely related to the Severe Macaw. However in her book “The Large Macaws”, Joanne Abramson states that studies of chromosomes show that the Severe Macaw is more closely related to the Blue and Gold Macaw than it is to the Yellow-collared.

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