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The Ringneck Parakeet

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Personality Profile by Sally Blanchard

The African and Indian Ringneck Parakeets are the same species, and both are also known as the Rose-ringed Parakeet. The African Ringneck is what is called the nominate species and its genus and species is Psittacula krameri krameri. The Indian Ringneck genus and species is the same, but it is a sub-species – Psittacula krameri manillensis. It is easier to see their differences if the two of them are seen at the same time. The natural coloration is a bit different with the African having a deeper green colour whereas the Indians are lighter and brighter green. The African is about the size of a cockatiel while the Indian is three to four inches larger. While there are subtle differences in their appearances, I am not aware of any major differences in their personalities or behaviours.

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