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In issue 305 -
Companion Parrots May Be Less Lonely When They Phone Their Feathered Friends. By GrrlScientist
In issue 305 -
A Grey-breasted Parakeet love story. By Rosemary Low
In issue 305 -
Remote monitoring of Carnaby’s Cockatoo movements and behaviour. By David Waugh
In issue 305 -
Are Your Parrots Wasting Vegetables? Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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Rosemary Low highlights the issues of what will happen to your birds when you are no longer around

The Probate Practice commissioned a survey of the general public about wills and probate and found that a shocking 60 per cent of people have not made a will.  The survey asked the question, “Would you want to inherit a relative’s pet?”  Forty-one per cent of people said “No”.  In the list of items that people would not want to inherit were worn furniture that came out at 40 per cent, holiday souvenirs at 28 per cent and sporting memorabilia at 21 per cent.  But more alarming was that pets were at the top of the ‘do not want’ list!

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