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Could You Be A Back Garden Parrot Conservationist? Part One

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By Jim Hayward Jnr

In my last article (January 204 issue) I suggested that some Parrots magazine readers with either a back garden, space to erect a shed or even a spare room, could do something to help conserve small to medium sized parrots that are in decline in British aviculture.  I have decided to add a few rarities to my last list (see end of this article) because they are occasionally available here, but more frequently in continental Europe.

In recent years more Brits have been willing to travel to Europe and buy direct from breeders, and the Internet has also made it easier for aviculturists to find each other through breeders' directories held by continental bird clubs.  It may be a good idea to contact the Parrot Society UK to see who they could put you in touch with?

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