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Understanding Greys

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By Sally Blanchard

I have lived with five Congo African Greys with three coming through my life on their way to other homes.  One, Bongo Marie, lived with me for almost 25 years and was the light of my life and the other, Whodee, who has lived with me for 15 years, is my buddy now.  Not only did these five Greys differ in appearance, but they had unique personalities.  In close to 40 years of working with parrots, I have met and worked with hundreds of Greys and each one was truly an individual.

I met Bongo Marie in 1976 and she was the first African Grey that I ever met.  She had been purchased at a bird club auction by friends of mine, but other than that, we knew nothing about her.  Once they looked at her closely, they discovered she was very sick and it was obvious she had a chronic sinus infection.

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