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Breeding the Pacific Parrotlet

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by Dr Slobodan Ivic

The Pacific Parrotlet (Forpus coelestis) is a parrot in the Psittacidae family, in the genus Forpus which includes seven species and 21 subspecies.  The natural habitat of the genus Forpus is the west coast of Mexico and South America, although they are also native to Peru and Ecuador.  The climate of these countries is very diverse and consists of several climate zones, however, it is important to notice that average temperature, even in altitudes up to 3300m, is approximately 11 degrees C, while in the lower areas the highest temperature is 38 degrees C, these facts tell us they are adaptable to climate changes.  The air is very humid, and these parameters should be taken into account when these birds are kept in aviaries.

The male: The length of these birds is 12.5cm (approximately five inches) and the dominant colour is dark green, although the parietal part, the forehead, cheeks and chin are light green.  The bluish colour extends from the outer corner of the eye and it spreads to the nape and back, and the neck is grey-green.  On the lower part of the back, all the way to the feathers, above the tail, are big and small coverts, and the secondary and tertiary feathers are cobalt blue.

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