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In issue 316 -
Ultraviolet Light as a Critical Component – by Donna Garrou
In issue 316 -
The link between unwanted behaviours and unbalanced nutrition. The Holistic Parrot by Leslie Moran
In issue 316 -
Parrots magazine exclusive – Green-winged Macaw egg smuggling on an industrial scale – by Rosemary Low
In issue 316 -
How much exercise does your parrot get? Complete Psittacine by Eb Cravens
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The Holistic Parrot

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Applying the benefits of the Closed Aviary Concept, part 2
by Leslie Moran

Last month we introduced the Closed Aviary Concept (CAC), areas one through five, and began discussing the benefits of putting in place as many of the flock management principles as is practical for you.  The primary advantage of using this system is to keep your flock healthy, and using the CAC has been shown to lower overall costs for disease prevention among birds.  If you’re just joining us in the discussion of this topic be sure to view last month’s column as the diagram shown for the CAC illustrates how this approach can easily reduce the spread of infectious disease throughout your flock.

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