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The Importance of Self-soothing Behaviours

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by Sally Blanchard

There have been many times over the years that I have worked with parrots when I have wished I could really know what they were thinking or what specific actions caused certain behaviours.  We can rarely figure these things out in our human companions and, although we can occasionally make good guesses, I don’t think we will ever really understand what goes on in the incredible ‘walnut-sized’ brains of our companion parrots.

Sometimes it seems to me that because parrots can be so empathic in regards to our moods, that they may understand us better than we understand them.  When we establish a nurturing guidance with our parrots through interactive play and positive patterning of their behaviours, they begin to understand that we can be trusted to guide them.  Over the years, I have realised that one of the most important lessons we can teach our parrots is how to soothe themselves in times of stress, confusion, or overload excitement.

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