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Stating the obvious? Or think more carefully?

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By Rosemary Low

The advice: ‘Think carefully before buying a parrot!’ might seem like a well-worn cliché, but it is well-worn for a very good reason. The unfortunate consequences of giving insufficient thought to this vitally important suggestion are numerous. They include:

• Overcrowded parrot rescue centres.

• Parrot euthanasia.

• Parrots with severe behavioural problems due to neglect, poor understanding of a parrot’s psychological needs and being left alone too long.

• Escaped and released parrots.

It should not be necessary to state that the requirements of a parrot are very different to those of a cat or a dog, that do not need constant companionship, much as they might like it. These animals have been domesticated for many centuries and have evolved to live in our homes with relatively minimal attention.

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